Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment

Depression comes in all shapes and sizes.  Symptoms of  clinical depression may include difficulty getting out of bed, sleeping too much or too little and a lack of motivation.
Dysthmia, can best be described as a greyness;  there isn't much joy and nothing seems exciting. Another form of depression can be mixed w anxiety and those symptoms include irritability and a low tolerance/patience to others. Situational depression feels less invasive. It may be a break up, death/loss or a transition such as a move or a new job.  

These emotions can feel overwhelming at times. However, when you sort through them with a trusted therapist, the overwhelming feelings dissipate and an improved disposition develops. Depressive symptoms can worsen with time so get that treatment today! Stop telling yourself you will feel better tomorrow because as you, many tomorrows have already passed you by. These symptoms are bigger and more powerful than you. Together, we can work to change them.

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