Anxiety & Panic Attacks Counseling Treatment

Anxiety & Panic Attacks  Counseling Treatment

Just like depression, we all have anxiety. If it is consuming or interfering in your life, it's time to get help.

Anxiety can be in the form of "stomach butterflies" and minimal fears.
When anxiety heightens, it can lead to irritability, abruptness, low tolerance, and/or panic attacks.

Everything seems to be bothersome and overwhelming and as a result, the irritability interferes with relating to others.

Panic attacks can be frightening

Symptoms may include, a racing heart, sweating, fearing death, and even a trip to the Emergency Room. The attack feels like it will last forever, but it may only last a few minutes. A panic attack may be a disguise for an uncomfortable underlying thought or feeling. Most people are unaware of why or when they occur.

Often times, anxiety is a chemical imbalance which can be treated. So, why wait?

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