Addiction & Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction & Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction and/or substance abuse can begin to rule your life. No one "plans" to become an addict/alcoholic, but there are ways to treat it. Everything becomes unmanageable: your job, relationship, and motivation. Others may feel anger and resentment because they just don't understand.

Addiction involves the family because there is usually denial, anger, and resentment. Most family members believe that an addict/alcoholic can just stop the bad behavior.

This behavior becomes a vicious cycle. The addict blames others and others begin to believe it is their fault. They think they are the cause for the addiction! The reality of the situation becomes very distorted. It’s like a seesaw. Clean and sober days are usually short lived followed by disappointment and anger.

There is help for the addict, the abuser, and the family! Learn how to break the vicious cycle. Don't worry if your addict/alcoholic refuses treatment. You should come to therapy to learn better tools and techniques to deal with the situation.

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